peer-reviewed publications

Experimental evidence on promotion of electric and improved biomass cookstovesProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116(27), 2019, 13282-13287With S Pattanayak,  M Jeuland, J Lewis, N Brooks, V Bhojvaid, A Kar, L Lipinski, L Morrison, O Patange, N Ramanathan, I Rehman, R Thadani, M Vora, and V Ramanathan.
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The Price of Purity: Willingness to pay for air and water purification technologies in Rajasthan, India. Environmental and Resource Economics, 73(4), 2019, 1073-1100With A Shannon, M Jeuland, and S Pattanayak.
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What are households willing to pay for improved water access? Results from a meta-analysis. Ecological Economics 136, 2017, 126-135. With G Van Houtven, S Pattanayak, and J-C Yang.
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Can economic incentives enhance adoption and use of a household energy technology? Evidence from a pilot study in Cambodia. Environmental Research Letters 12(3), 2017, 035009. With J Steele and M Jeuland.
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working papers

Fracking, farmers, and rural electrification in India. 2019. With T R Fetter.
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NGOs and the effectiveness of interventions. UNU-WIDER Working Paper № 2018/59, 2018. With M Jeuland and S Pattanayak.

Preferences and the effectiveness of behavior-change interventions. 2018. With M Jeuland, S Pattanayak, and J-S Tan-Soo. Revisions requested by the Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists.

selected works in progress

Evaluating the effectiveness of household energy interventions in rural Senegal using experimental and quasi-experimental methods
With M JeulandL Lenz, E Litzow, S Mbaye, O Ndiaye, J Peters, and M Sievert.

Energy and Development: A systematic review. With T R FetterM JeulandY Li, and S Pattanayak.

The health impacts of coal plants in the developing world. With G Barrows, T Garg, M Jagnani, and A Jha.