peer-reviewed publications

Experimental evidence on promotion of electric and improved biomass cookstovesProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, in press. With S Pattanayak,  M Jeuland, J Lewis, V Bhojvaid, N Brooks, A Kar, L Lipinski, L Morrison, O Patange, N Ramanathan, I Rehman, R Thadani, M Vora, and V Ramanathan.

The Price of Purity: Willingness to pay for air and water purification technologies in Rajasthan, India. Environmental and Resource Economics, in press. With A Shannon, M Jeuland, and S Pattanayak.
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What are households willing to pay for improved water access? Results from a meta-analysis. Ecological Economics 136, 2017, 126-135. With G Van Houtven, S Pattanayak, and J-C Yang.
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Can economic incentives enhance adoption and use of a household energy technology? Evidence from a pilot study in Cambodia. Environmental Research Letters 12(3), 2017, 035009. With J Steele and M Jeuland.
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working papers

Fracking, farmers, and rural electrification in India. 2019. With T R Fetter.

NGOs and the effectiveness of interventions. UNU-WIDER Working Paper № 2018/59, 2018. With M Jeuland and S Pattanayak.

Preferences and the effectiveness of behavior-change interventions. 2018. With M Jeuland, S Pattanayak, and J-S Tan-Soo. Under review.

in progress

Evaluating the effectiveness of household energy interventions in rural Senegal using experimental and quasi-experimental methods
With M JeulandL Lenz, E Litzow, S Mbaye, O Ndiaye, J Peters, and M Sievert.

Energy and Development: A systematic review. With T R FetterM JeulandY Li, and S Pattanayak.

The health impacts of coal plants in the developing world. With G Barrows, T Garg, M Jagnani, and A Jha.